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Why you need to find the best car tyres on the available before the end of the season

Purchasing car tyres is not the best activity in the world but this quick read will make it at least a bit easier without breaking the bank.

Now you know those things always written on the tyres but you have never knew what they meant… until now!

First things is a number for an example - 225. That means 225 millimeters width of the car tyre.

Next is 60 – this is the aspect ratio in %.

After that, we have all seen this letter ‘R’ standing there and it means is Radial as in Radial Construction Tyre.

And the last thing you are going to recognize on your auto tyres is again a number, which actually represents the diameter of the wheel rim but in inches. For an example 14inches or about 36cm.

Okay, now you went through the basics. It wasn’t so hard right? No more confusion when it comes to purchasing car tyres online or looking for them at the nearby store, so pat yourself on the shoulder and let’s move further.

But what brand of tyre should you buy

  • Continental:

Continental is the third biggest tyre brand for 2017 and 2018 so far according to experts.

Since Continental is one of the biggest car tyre brands with a value of $4,756 million USD you definitely can trust that your vehicle and investment is definitely safe with them. It is important if you are deciding to buy this brand and to become a loyal customer to know that their tyres are going through 5 divisions in their organization. That means that every tyre is safely checked through the best market technologies to ensure customers one of the best car tyres at the most affordable tyre cost.

  • Pirelli:

Just like the previous tyre brand, Pirelli is one of the biggest in the industry. It is ranking on 5th place in the industry. Unlike their competitor Continental who are based in Germany, Pirelli is an Italian brand. This brand is definitely an amazing choice if you are in the market to buy car tyres. Comparing the two brands was always a tough choice for car lovers, so at the end of the day, it all comes to you whether you prefer German or Italian tyres. What we can both agree on is that both countries know how to make cars, and make them fast.

  • Achilles radial:

This one is interesting. Born in Indonesia the youngest brand of the three.

Achilles Radial has been on the market since 1988 and the interesting is they have cooperated in their work with both Continental and Pirelli. This brand is a rising star and they provide you with a variety of collections from tyres for best car performance to tyres that ensure your comfort. 

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