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Choosing the best motorcycle tyre

Choosing the right motorcycle tyre deserves to give it some time and thought because, at the end of the day, that is what is going to take you and protect you when you go from place A to place B.

Although choosing the right tyres for your bike can be confusing since you need to go through so many things, we can definitely empathize you and that’s why this quick read will help you get that solved and decide what tyres you need in 5 minutes or less.

Types of Motorcycle tyres

  • Touring/Cruising tyres – The tyres that are mostly used as most of the bikes come manually with them. Those tyres tend to be ridden many kilometers since they are made with harder rubber that takes longer to wear down. Cruising tyres are not made for very high speeds or taking aggressive turns with them. Instead, they are made for cruising on longer distance for a comfortable ride but they are not suitable for any other than regular roads and highways.
  • Sports tyres – Sports tyres are made for very high-speed performance while providing the most grip possible. In order to provide that grip, sports tyres have compounds that are softer than the touring tyres. The surface of the tyre that contacts the land is as well bigger to provide the best grip and stability possible. On the negative side, they are a bit harder to control in rain and usually get worn out quicker.
  • All-terrain tyres – Just like with the cars, those tyres provide the great experience off-road. Especially they are effective in mud, rocks, dirt, or sandy surfaces because of studs embedded into the tyre rubber to enhance grip. However because of that particularly they are not good for regular roads.
  • Track tyres – Made specifically for racing they are also being called ‘race tyres’ or ‘competition tyres’. They are very similar to the sports tyres but they are providing better acceleration and speed while providing most grip. Those tyres have maximum contact with the surface. The tyre itself is even softer than the sports tyre, to give the racers the best stability on their bike, possible. That said on the negative side those tyres are not good for riding on wet conditions.
  • Mixed-use tyres – Made for those who want to ride on and off-road. In order to maximize the grip on surfaces like dirt and mud, those tyres have wider threads. Although this is affecting the on-road driving, so the stability there is not as good, in comparison to those tyres made especially for roads.

In conclusion, we can say that depending on what and where you are aiming to drive you can decide what type of tyre is needed for your bike.

Having those categories keep in mind some tyres may be illegal to use on roads, so check that information and have fun riding.

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