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What experts say about the best car tyres this summer

Let us first go through what is a summer tyre because many people don’t think there is a significant difference so they drive with the same tyres all year long.

Summer tyres, unlike the winter ones, are made specifically for weather above 7°C. This means if you are going with them on a cold weather below the 7 degrees, this will harden the tyre and it may cause fatal accidents since the tyres are not as functional at -3°C as in 13°C.

When it comes to hot weather you must check your tyre pressure regularly since tyres lose pressure twice as much in the summer as they do in the winter.

Summer tyres, in general, have softer rubber which makes them better for turns, tackle twists, and obstacles you need to pass.

So when the sun goes up and you are packing for family vacation how do you choose the best summer tyres for your car

According to, Continental followed by Pirelli is your best choice for Summer Performance.

While Continental tyres are best at Wet traction, Pirelli tyres are comparably better at dry traction. So depending on what type of summer you are going to be exposed, whether a rainier one or drier one you can make your choice here.

All major tyre brands give you as well the option to choose what class of tyres you would like to get. The different classes differentiate not only on the pricing but as well as the performance.

  • Economy class is the most basic tyres you can get. They are focusing on proved methods but nothing new and innovative is coming out of that class. It is still a good option if you are on a budget.
  • Middle-class tyres are a better choice. This is the biggest manufacturing class since the majority of the people prefer to use them as in their everyday life. If you are driving on a daily basis and you would like to get a bit better experience than the average user, this class is your choice.
  • Premium class of tyres are made for drivers that demand the best experience out there when it comes to performance in the summer. Those are not the cheapest on the market but that class provides excess stability and control in every situation. 

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