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How to choose the best van tyres for your vehicle

You may have already bought car tyres in the past, but choosing van tyres is a whole different process.

The similarity is that usually the same brands are selling both car and vans tyres. So if you already have a favorite tyre brand for your car, you can definitely go with it.

Now what you need to keep in mind is that vans are carrying way heavier loads than a car, so van tyres have a way tougher life since they need to keep everything up and running, while usually carrying more equipment and people.

Why you need the proper tyre pressure

Having correct tyre pressure, first of all, keeps you safe. Since as we already discussed vans are handling much heavier load than cars, and if a tyre blows out because it wasn’t properly inflated, it will create a lot of damage, probably bigger accidents as well.

Keep in mind that the load on the van is not as in evenly spread as in the cars, so some tyres may get more damage than others. They need to be regularly checked if properly inflated and if there is any damage on them they need to be changed.

Your van tyres being properly inflated will also save you money while keeping the nature. The properly kept tyres are more fuel efficient while reducing the carbon dioxide that is being released.

A great way to check your van tyres is when they are cold and you haven’t used them for a couple of hours.

What to look at the tyres?

Again just like car tyres, van tyres have their own, very similar, language that is written on them. Let’s see what it says:

  • M+S – Stand for mud and snow. This is quite common not only among all tyres. Basically, it means that the tyres are good for the conditions of Mud and Snow. They can be driven in that kind of environment.
  • A-G Fuel Efficiency – Fuel efficiency of the tyres is ranked between A-G. A type of tyres is the most fuel efficient on the market, while G type of tyres are the least efficient you can choose. This, of course, varies on their price as well.
  • A-G Wet Grip – Again van tyres are rated with A-G regarding the wet grip that they are providing when driving in that kind of weather. Just like with the fuel efficiency, best van tyres wet grip is rated A and the worst are rated with type G.

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