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How to choose the best truck tyres

It can be a mission impossible to choose the right truck tyres.

You need to consider so many facts since the big load a truck is handling it all comes down to the tyres. They are taking all the damage so you need to choose between safety and security, stability and comfort and all of that while having the required speed as well. All those things affect the truck tyre choice which makes it so hard.

Categories of truck tyres

There are three major categories of truck tyres as they follow:

  • All-season truck tyres

Made for on-road driving. Those are the tyres preferred by the majority of the people and those tyres are usually the manually ready one on the truck. Since most people are driving on-road those are good options for different conditions because they provide comfortability, and performance focused. If you don’t want to spend time changing tyres as often, and you are going to spend your time on-road with your truck those tyres are your choice.

  • All-terrain tyres

Made for both on-road and off-road. If you go with the same vehicle to work and then you go on weekend adventures with it then those are the tyres you are aiming to get.

Made specifically for rough terrains they can give you amazing off-road experience and can handle most of the road conditions. Like with the car’s winter tyres, if they have the mountain symbol with a snowflake inside you can be sure that you are protected even in the deep snow or icy road.

The negative sides of those tyres are that they are increasing the fuel use, while making more noise, and your truck is less performance focused as it is with the all-season tyres.

  • Mud-terrain tyres

Now, what is that, isn’t all terrain covering the mud as well? Well, it does, but mud-terrain tyres are a whole different animal. They are like all-terrain but on steroids for maximum off-road performance. That means whenever you go to the toughest terrain possible to drive those are the tyres you will want to have on your truck. Those tyre are for people who really enjoy the off-road experience and are big extreme enthusiasts.

Those tyres are not good for on-road terrains like the all-terrain or all-season tyres but the other two cannot compete with mud-terrain tyres when it comes to off-road.

It all comes at the end of the day of how you are going to use the tyres, so you can make the best out of them.

…and some other factors

  • Performance – The tyres performance is based on the grip the tyre has whenever driven at a high speed.
  • Safety – The tyres safety is basically their ability to stop the vehicle as quickly as possible at different speeds. Another factor is the noise the tyres are making. Off-road tyres usually create more noise which may disturb some of the users.


Yes, buying truck tyres may be difficult, but once you figure out what you want, the process goes way smoother.

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