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How to find your 4x4 Tyres Guide

Buying 4x4 tyres online is not as hard as it seems when you have this guide helping you understand the fundamentals.

Doesn’t matter your vehicle, the engine, the horsepower, if the tyres are not the best out there you are going to lose the experience. The tyres are the things that connect your car to the ground so you better invest good in them, as they can serve you the same way.

Choosing 4x4 tyres

Choosing those 4x4 tyres is not as hard when you consider the following categories:

Size – You can find your vehicle size tyres in a couple of ways. Either check on the tyres themselves or check the vehicle’s manual. The ladder option is better since someone could have already changed them once and they may not be the proper ones. Either case if you would like to find out your tyres type only from the tyres let’s encrypt what is written on them:

  • The first three number is the millimeters of the tyre width
  • The second section includes two numbers. That’s the ratio in % e.i. 70 = 70%
  • The third section includes the letter ‘R’, it stands for Radial.
  • The last section is the diameter of the rim but in inches.

So based on those 4 things you can immediately go check your tyres and find the parameters of it.

Quality – If you regularly use your vehicle for off-road, it may be required to change your tyres more often. As well it usually happens that only one of the tyres to be worn out, so if you see damaged Radial of a tyre, you better fix it as soon as possible since it will affect the driving and the vehicle stability.


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Type of tyres

There are a variety of choices you have when trying to get the best 4x4 tyres at the lowest cost out there. The main criteria will be how much you are using them off-road and on-road. You have 4 categories to choose by:

  • All-season tyres – you can use them throughout the whole year. Effective and not as expensive. Should be used only for an on-road terrain.
  • All-terrain tyres – those are more compatible for off-road terrain as well they can be used off-road. If you go with that option it will be a bit more expensive and the fuel consumption will rise.
  • Mud tyres – made for off-road terrain specifically those 4x4 will serve you on places where the previous two can’t really go. Keep in mind with them the fuel consumption goes up again.
  • Extreme tyres – those are made for the people looking to go to places where the average driver is not considering. Those tyres, even though more expensive, can give your vehicle a 4x4 capability to go rock crawling, deep mud, sand, or big snow.

All those factors affect the usage and the price of the tyres. Depending on what you would like to do with your 4x4 tyres you can choose the best option 

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