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Driving 4 season tyres, all-year long

As the weather gets colder and colder we know that changing tyres is important. Of course, you cannot go with the same tyres that you used in the summer as when the temperatures drop to the negative degrees, or more precisely under 7°C.

Actually, that is not true. There is an option for those of you that want to use the same tyres all year long. The 4 season tyres are made to suit in different weather conditions, so you can stick to them. They will provide you with good efficiency and traction on the hot summer weather while keeping you in check as well when the climates get colder.

But before you run to the store and buy that seems logical and reasonable option let’s compare the different tyres and how they are suiting you.

All-season tyres or Summer Tyres

Like we already discussed all-season tyres give us the perfect balance between tyres that can be used in different conditions. For most drivers, this is exactly what they need since it is not a costly option and is not required to change the tyres or doing some kind of work on them. While that is true, we need to note that summer tyres are built in to perform on conditions specifically made for while all-season tyres will give you less of a steering and traction capabilities. While that summer tyres have a better grip on the road and improve the driving capabilities.

All-season tyres or Winter tyres

Here the choice really depends on the application of the tyres. If you are going into a harsher winter environment where there will be a lot of snow and ice it is a must to choose Winter tyres. While if you are going to an environment with a softer winter you can go with the option of all-season tyres since they will give you everything required while keeping everything cheap without spending, too much to buy new tyres.

The winter tyres are specifically made to grip on snow, mud, and ice to protect you from slipping and have better control over your car.

All-season tyres are designed so they are able to perform in all kind of conditions but never on the extreme sides, which your only option is the proper tyres for the proper season.

If you decide to go with all-season tyres make sure they have printed ‘M+S’ on them. This means Mud and Snow. Basically, the tyres are being tested on those kinds of roads.


All-season tyres are great choice because you not going to deal with changing them or buying new ones every season. On the other hand, they are not specifically made for an exact purpose, so they are losing their value in the seasons from the summer and winter tyres.

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