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How to choose snow tyres for this winter

So winter is coming. Maybe you will start preparing for the holidays, buy presents for the kids, and get some holiday punch but among those things, you don’t need to forget your car. When the temperatures drop below 7°C it is time to get equipped for the snow, the mud, and the ice. This way there is no chance of your family vacation being ruined.

How to choose and buy the best snow tyres is not rocket science as long as you get the general idea of how to properly choose the best option for you.

First of all, don’t go with the option of putting two winter tyres only. Go with the 4 matching winter tyres. All tyres must be made for the proper weather because don’t forget that they are there to keep you safe in every situation.

When you are buying tyres there are symbols you need to look, one of them is ‘M+S’ symbol. It stands for Mud and Snow and basically means that you are going to get better friction in wet and snowy conditions.

If on the other hand, you are looking to be fully protected when you are driving at places involving snow and even ice, you should definitely choose the option of getting tyres that have been marked with the symbol of mountain and snowflake inside. Those tyres have successfully passed a testing for conditions involving hard winter environment.

Are winter tyres or All-season tyres for you?

All-season tyres can be good options for conditions that are cool but not too cold or snowy. So if you are in an area where the snow is not falling so often and the winter is not that cold you can definitely go with the ladder option.

Otherwise, if you are in a cold climate where winter is muddy, snowy, and icy or you are going to take a trip to a place with those conditions you need one hundred percent to prepare yourself with some nice equipped winter tyres. Especially if you are going to climb hills or going on roads with a lot of turns. Choosing the best winter tyres can prevent you from a lot of damage.

Studded winter tyres. Is that something you need?

Studded tyres are equipped with small, lightweight pins that are clawing the ice. You can imagine it like the car version of snowshoes. Basically, those tyres give you the option of going into deeper snow and ice since they are cutting through it and clawing for better traction. Those pins can be very useful on an icy, or heavily snowed roads but it is not something everyone needs. As well you need to consider the fact that they are illegal in some places since the studded winter tyres are damaging the pavement.

Based on all of that information this winter you can make the best winter tyres choice at the most appropriate cost for you.

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